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  • MBR Problem

    I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo 1437g Notebook that have some kind of Media Direct called "InstantOn" which can play sounds and videos without booting windows and it have separate key for turning on on notebook.
    beside it and windows xp i've installed Linux (Suse).So Linux modified the MBR and after that "InstantOn" Key on my notebook didn't work.
    The first time i camed as Windows xp after the installation of Linux, "InstantOn" told me:"MBR has been modified, do you want to restore it?", and if i press yes the Linux boot menu will be deleted.
    It means that i can have one of "InstantOn" or Linux...
    how can i modify MBR to fix the problem?

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    Re: MBR Problem


    maybe this will give you a start point.

    use a tool called AEFDISK

    its a command line tool. you can backup the current MBR and then you can start testing around... so if you screw it up you can restore it...
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