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Arcserve 2000 Daylight saving time

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  • Arcserve 2000 Daylight saving time

    In 2007, daylight saving time (DST) will change in the US. Do you know if Arcserve 2000 will support this change or i will need a patch to fix this problem. And do you know if Arcserve 2000 is using Java?

    Because Java will need to be patched to handle the dst change:

    (sorry for my english)

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    Re: Arcserve 2000 Daylight saving time

    Hi rotidboeuf

    Well you may not be aware but Arcserve 2000 is about 3 versions out of date.
    The company I'm outsourced to run it so I can tell you that CA no longer support it.

    As for a patch you can only pray! Not sure about the java thing, I've not noticed java running with it but then I've not been looking for it either.

    Although I'm in the UK I can imagine the problems you'll encounter. I would suggest an upgrade.
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