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WSUSv2 to WSUSv3 beta 2 Info

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  • WSUSv2 to WSUSv3 beta 2 Info

    Hi All

    This is mainly for those of you already running WSUS 2

    I joined the beta testing a while ago and finally got round to installing and configuring.

    The main thing to note is that if like me, your on a none existant budget

    WSUS 3 requires 1Gb of memory to run efficiantly. I failed to note this in prerequasits and my 256Mb machine crashed the MMC every time. Also when doing the initial synchronize the 2003 server hung and needed a reboot.
    However I did manage to get it runnig stable with 750Mb installed. But be aware WSUS 3 eats memory.

    The layout is very different from WSUS2 and MS have made installation a pure joy. SQL 2005 Embedded edition comes with WSUS 3 and is simple to configure via the WSUS wizard.

    WSUS 3 can use WSUS 2 as a downstream server but not WSUS 2 to WSUS 3.

    So in conclusion it appears to be much improved user interface through MMC but again Memory is most important. I'll be staying with WSUS 2 for the time being. At least till my boss decides we can spend a big wad of cash on new servers.
    But we all know the old saying "Pigs will Fly!"
    The Univurse is still winning!

    W2K AD, WSUS, RIS 2003. ISA also AVG Server
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