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IE issue on XP box going through ISA

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  • IE issue on XP box going through ISA

    I have a weird problem. I have 2 pcs at my desk at work. One has XP and the other Windows 2000. I am running IE 6 on both. There is a .net website outside my company that runs perfect on one pc but freezes for 5 - 6 seconds at the same spots on my other pc. Both PCs are running through the same ISA server. I am at a loss. There are a couple of other people experiencing the same issue in the building. This site is only IE compatible.

    I have tried:

    1- Reloading IE 6
    2- Spyware removal tools
    3- Cleaning out the cache
    4- Reseting IE options/settings
    5- Tweaking my TCP settings.
    6- Tried IE 7 same problem.

    HELP! Anyone have any advice?