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IE 6 Problems

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  • IE 6 Problems

    I'm using IE 6.0 and at times i goto diferent web pages and maybe like 2 to 3 times going to different sites and try to click on a link or click the back button to reurn to the pervouis page it won't load or go to that web site...... it seems like it won't load to that page and i check all my settings and it ok but for some reason after the 2 or 3rd time going to web sites it won't load?.........

    Any ideas that i can troubleshoot this problem.


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    Re: IE 6 Problems

    Try clearing down you IE cache and restoring all the defaults.

    Has this just started happening?
    Have any patches been applied recently that may have caused this probelm?

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      Re: IE 6 Problems

      Your ISP may also be running you through a Proxy Server and this could cause a problem like this. Try holding down the SHIFT key and click the Refresh button (the button between the house and the red X.
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        Re: IE 6 Problems

        Look for other issues causing the problem. It may be an IE 6 issue or browser corruption. Rule out other issues first.

        Any chance Spyware or Viruses are causing the issue? How many processes are running in Windows? Try a quick scan with Spybot or Adaware.

        Run a system cleanup utility such as Cleanup! which will dump all TMP files in the system. If nothing else it will result in better performance. Google the phrase for the website.

        Do a Ping test to your ISP's DNS server. @ command prompt - "ping [IP address] -t"
        The contineous test will show any communication problems with your ISP.

        Try another browser such as Firefox if all else fails to see if it really is an IE6 issue.


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          Re: IE 6 Problems

          This happened to me, I tried everything that the people above said.
          To no avail. I ended up giving up, and I downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and edited the setting so it would run faster.

          My advice, Download IE7, or MF.
          For gods sake, Even Netscape is better than IE6.0...