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    I have a computer running Windows 2000 server and i installed Ghost 8.0, it is not on the network i will be using it as a stand alone with a hub i want to ghost images to upload them and download them... i'm using netboot to boot to that server and use Ghost cast question is this in the the root of my server where the ghost is in i.e C:\ program files\symantec.... do i have to make it a share so i when i use netboot to goto the share folder to start the ghost process?........ or is there another way of doing this with the setup i have... i don't want to use sysprep just straight upload images and download images.


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    Re: setup ghost server

    To the best of my knowledge you need not share any directories. You create floppy disks or USB thumb drives as bootable based on the NIC's that the client PC's have. This is done through the Ghost Boot Disk Creator utility. Then setup the Ghost server with a STATIC IP address, and make sure that IP address is included on each disk you make. If you use a thumb drive, there's more than enough room to include more than one type of NIC. Then you simply use the Multicast Server feature of Ghost to upload and download images to/from client PC's.