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Free Voip gateway software tip

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  • Free Voip gateway software tip


    i hope this is the right place to post this

    i have installed in my network a software called [email protected]

    its freeware and there is also a pay version... with support... but in the forums you get support for free...

    anyway i need to share that with this software i have managed to get a free voip gateway for my company...

    users can use softphons to dial to the asterisk server and they can call eachother... second stage i have installed in that box a digium card with fxo cards and fxs moduls so i have connected pstn line's... (normal and call central phone lines) from my internal network so if a user is dialing from the SF phone 9 he can talk internal in the office for free and if he dials another 9 he gets an real line to call outside... so if you have roadwarriors around the globe... or at home and they need to call they can use this to connect to the office and talk there for free and they can call for local rates to outside lines... if they are around the world... if someone have question on how to just ask...
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