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Hidden Shares and Solaris

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  • Hidden Shares and Solaris

    Hi all,

    I am working for a company which recently updated the network structure and now we have all our folders in a hidden share called
    The x stand for the numbers of our main server IP address.

    I manage a testlab with a few PCs and Sun machines connected within a private, secure LAN which uses the gateway to connect to the company's main LAN where the hidden share is.

    I have a Sunblade150 machine with Solaris 10 installed. I used to use the terminal console to connect to the main LAN and download the needed files. I used to connect with the commands:


    then browse to the righ folder with

    cd /browsers/mozilla

    and then to download the file:

    get filename

    At the moment, I can connect with no problems to the server but since the folders are under the hidden share data$, I cannot see them or go into them.

    Is there any way I can access those folders from the terminal console in a similar way to what I used to do?

    I think Samba would solve the problem, but I tried to install it and is not working and, to be honest, it involves a lot of knowledge, time and patient to get it working, so I am looking for an easier solution or work around, although I don't know if this would be possible at all.

    Any help is more than welcome!

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    Re: Hidden Shares and Solaris

    FTP and SMB/CIFS shares isnt the same.
    Its recommanded to get support from Solaris expert to redesign
    the infrastructure.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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