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Can't import dbx, plz help

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  • Can't import dbx, plz help

    Dear All,

    My friend confuse delete a folder which created in outlook express v.6.
    I looked in mail Store Folder, I saw that folder name in dbx file still exist then i tried to import mail from an OE6 store directory but after i browse to the Store Location I can see only Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox,Outbox and Sent Items. Is there any ways that i can import that dbx file back to folder list display in express express?

    Thks all for any solution.

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    Re: Can't import dbx, plz help

    Dear All,

    I found solution for that now. The way it is:
    1. Cut the dbx file lacated inside Store Folder to Temp Folder or any new folder up to you
    2. In OE, create a new folder name the same as the deleted or cut folder name
    3. Go to the mail Store Folder location, you'll find that the new dbx file created
    4. Copy or cut back the original dbx file to replace that new dbx file created in mail Store Folder location (Must close OE before replace)
    5. Then you start OE again you'll see all mail come back.

    Thks Anyways,


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      Re: Can't import dbx, plz help

      Thanks for sharing the solution. It is appreciated.
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