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  • Desktop Power Supply info needed

    Hi All,

    I have a desktop with below configuration.

    Processor i7-870
    Motherboard Intel DH55TC
    RAM 16GB (1333 MHz)
    HDD two 1TB SATA drives
    DVD RW
    SMPS 500w Cooler Mater

    Few days back I was cleaning my CPU Tower as there was a lot of dust with a hair dryer. I then connected the tower directly to the wallout and powered on the machine. There was a pop sound and my machine now will not power on.

    I got it checked at the local store and SMPS is gone. Repair is not an option and now I need to buy a new one.

    I just wanted to know can I use a 450W Corsair PSU or I need to buy 500W Cooler Master. Links mentioned below.


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    Re: Desktop Power Supply info needed

    Fortunately there are PSU load calculators e.g.

    I suspect a high quality 450W would do as well as the 500W - in general the better quality the PSU, the closer you can get to its maximum load, and Corsair has a good rep (as does Cooler Master) so it comes down to price and availability

    You should also be investigating your mains power to see what might have caused the "pop" - blowing dust out of a PSU should not cause problems, although something could have been shorted out in the process

    Was the hairdryer on when you connected the PC - if so it may have been the motor on the dryer upsetting the power. Do you have a UPS or power smoother between the PC and the mains?
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