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WD Green drives for server use?

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  • WD Green drives for server use?

    I discovered today that our 1u server at work is running two of the above drives or to be precise - WD10EARX. These are green spec drives which I believe run at 5.4K RPM? The two other drives are proper HP 1TB 7.2K RPM drives.

    I know the HP drives are mirrored, but I've read that the WD Green are not suitable for RAID arrays. Is it possible that they are simply individual drives which don't have a large role to play and work effectively as they are? It's been on for almost 3 years, so clearly they work ok?

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    Re: WD Green drives for server use?

    What sort of files are on the WD Greens?
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      Re: WD Green drives for server use?

      Originally posted by biggles77 View Post
      What sort of files are on the WD Greens?
      Unfortunately that I do not know. I'm wondering if they are for some sort of backup, although surely then they would be in some sort of RAID configuration? I know WD suggest NOT to use these drives in that sort of environment.


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        Re: WD Green drives for server use?

        Hello ALEX0264,

        You are absolutely right. The WD Greens are not suitable or recommended for RAID configurations or NAS devices. They have IntelliPower, meaning they have power management, they're cooler and quiеter. The WD Red series are the hard drives designed and meant for RAID and NASes.
        The WD Green's design is for secondary storage for archiving and backuping, in desktops or external cases.
        It depends on your server but it is possible that these are used as individual drives. If they've been working fine for the last three years, then I suppose they're not in a RAID configuration and are used for the backups. On that, though, you could find out for certain at work, if you need to.




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          Re: WD Green drives for server use?

          From experience with (very) small businesses who use workstations as servers and so on, there will be nothing to stop you using any drives in a RAID array, but manufacturers recommendations are that some drives are designed for RAIDing, while others aren't. At the end of the day, a drive is a drive.

          It sounds as if this is another "server on the cheap"
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            Re: WD Green drives for server use?

            As far as I understand WD Green drives also frequently power down / go into low power mode to conserve energy - could this be an issue with RAID if one drive in an array powered down and the array needed to write parity across it all of a sudden. I would imagine a few seconds required for the drive to spin up again, causing delays.

            I may be wrong, as what I'm saying above it based on my own logic rather than fact, but I always thought the red drive series overcame this specifically for use in file servers / RAID arrays.