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Sata/eSata Hot swap

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  • Sata/eSata Hot swap


    Im looking to move one of our backup devices from USB to SATA\eSata, and was wondering if anyone knows the answer to the following;

    With eSata PCI cards, is it the card that controls the fact if its hot swappable or not or is it managed by the motherboard?

    Im guessing if the card is hot swappable there wouldn't be a problem pluggin an eSata caddy\dock into the port?

    Can anyone recommend either the card or device which is hot swappable - ideally for 2.5" drives.


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    Re: Sata/eSata Hot swap

    It's managed by the card, or more specifically the driver.

    The SATA electronics always allow hot swapping; it's part of the standard. However, whether the driver/OS can handle a hot swap event gracefully is another matter. I've seen some embedded (motherboard) RAID controllers that didn't handle it too well when I tried to replace faulty drives.

    Motherboards and PCI(e) cards with eSATA ports should certainly be able to handle hot swapping, but you'll have to check the specifications to be sure.