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Backup for new server.

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  • Backup for new server.

    Hello All,

    My company is getting a new server installed next week. We currently have 4 servers being backed up properly.

    As of new we have everything backing up daily to separate external devices.
    Also, we have a 1TB Hard drive that a ALL SERVERS Backup is monthly loaded.
    That 1TB Hard drive has failed. Spin rite wont even acknowledge it.

    I have three 1TB Hard drives backing up our current file server, which we will be keeping. For the time being, our ALL SERVERS Backup is running on these hard drives.

    Our All Servers backup currently runs around 600GB - 700 GB

    Our new server has a mirrored 1TB Hard drive.

    So, What I need is a big enough hard drive to run the All Servers backup, including the new server. I believe a 3TB Hard drive will do the trick. With the new server added onto this, We should have enough space to keep 2 monthly backups on the drive at a time. Please, let me know what you think on this. Do you think 3TB is enough?

    3 TB Hard drives seem to be the best buy - Most bang for the buck.

    Also, for my new 1TB server, I plan on purchasing three 3TB Hard drives, cycle the drives Mon, Wed, Fri. These will be backed up daily. I take one drive of each server home with me and cycle them through.

    Recap Questions:
    -Do you think the 3TB Hard drive will be enough for my Monthly All Servers Backup?
    -Do you think the three 3TB Hard drive is the way to go for my new server?

    Please, any ideas and input is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Backup for new server.

    you know the sizes of your data better than we do.. something to consider though - one of your disks has already failed. Is backup-to-disk definitely the best option ?

    Yes - it lets you take it offsite, and yes, it has a lower entry point that tape, but what happens if you lose another disk ? one of the week-day disks, for instance ?

    it also depends on your backup software.

    I'd probably consider running a 4+1 rotation:

    Disk 1 - Week1
    Disk 2 - Week 2
    Disk 3 - Week 3
    Disk 4 - Week 4
    Disk 5 - Monthly

    Add in an extra for fun:
    Disk6 - Yearly

    of course, to my understanding, Windows Backup won't play real well with this so you'd need sometihng like Backup Exec, or Backup Assist
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      Re: Backup for new server.

      Thank you Tehcamel, Very much appreciated.

      The disk we lost was a 6 year old, and I have had great luck with the hard drives we've had. Also, my employers like the system we have.

      We use Backup Exec.

      We went with 4BG Drives, in a 3+1 Rotation. Ideally and maybe in the future i will be able to consider the 4+1.

      Thanks again,