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Paragon Disk Copy 12 - Adaptive recovery and imaging

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  • Paragon Disk Copy 12 - Adaptive recovery and imaging

    All, I ran across this software and was wondering if anyone has used it for Bare metal image creation yet?
    We currently use Ghost, but we don't have a huge budget here. We create an image and roll it out to 15-25 pc's (about what we replace per budget cycle) Then by the time we get a new budget the model has been retired and we have to go the same process again.
    I saw this software and like what is promises. Has anyone used it yet?
    If so can you tell me how it went from Model to model (Example: HP compaq pro 6200 to HP compaq pro 6300) and if you have went from Manufacture to Manufacture (example: HP to Dell)

    The software is cheap enough, I just do not want to waste time or money on something that might not work....or at least work for our needs.