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  • New Server

    Hey All,

    I am looking to replace the current file server in my system. I have very limited experience when it comes to picking/purchasing new hardware.

    My company has about 40 nodes on the system.

    The file server gets used very often. I am looking for something that can withstand a lot of processing and capacity.

    We are a printing company that RIPs PDF and other formats to a format we can print on press. This process requires the file to be read from the file server, sent to the RIPPING server, ripped on the RIPPING server, and sent back to the file server in a much larger format. This is being done all day.

    I am leaning towards HP, They seem to offer helpful assistance. Please advise.

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction, maybe some recommendations.

    Thank you

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    Re: New Server

    here's a thought.
    Do you definitely need a full server? Might you get away with something like a Synology DS412 ?

    Otherwise - since you're talking a file server, from the dell world, I'd look at something like a T320/R320 (tower/rack accordingly)

    4 x SAS 6Gbps disks in a RAID5/RAID10 array (dependent on what your benchmarks suggest would be best, wheather you do lots of write/reads/ combination) - pick a size that's relevant to your storage needs.
    get a PERC H310 at a minimum, if not a H710 with battery backed cache.
    processor - if it's only file server you could probably get away with a mid-end Xeon E3 or similar
    Ram - no less than 16GB (there's just no reason to do less any more)
    Windows 2008 / 2012 dependent on domain requirements
    3 year, 4hr response. pro support.

    I quoted something similar up on the dell site recently and got a quote of about 5,200 excluding Windows licence, as a retail quote.

    I then went to an inside sales rep and got the same quote, with some upscaled components including redundant PSU for $3300 (these prices are in australian dollars)
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      Re: New Server

      Thank you TehCamel,
      Your reply is appreciated.

      We do, indeed, need a full server. The server and the MACs communicate with huge files through ExtremeZ-IP software which will reside on the file server. I like the idea though, we just need something more.

      I was thinking the Xeon E5, do you think that is overdoing it?
      I feel the same way about the H710. Want it, dont know if i need it.

      Thank you very much, this will get me rolling and ill start researching.

      I will try to post what i plan to purchase, maybe i can get some opinions on it

      Thank you,


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        Re: New Server

        So it looks like we are going with an HP Server

        Item # 646676-001

        686772-S01 HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 E5-2420 1P 8GB-U Hot Plug SATA 4 LFF 460W PS Server - Smart Buy

        I will be wanting a redundent power supply.
        Redundent fan kit

        I'm worried about the raid controller
        (1) Smart Array P420i/512MB FBWC

        Do you think this is powerful enough to run my 2 Mirrored 146gig drives AND my 4 RAID 10 Drives(900 gigs each)?



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          Re: New Server

          That's the standard RAID controller for an ML350, which is HP's higher end tower server. Same RAID controller if you choose the SAS backplane option so it'll handle 10K drives with no issues.

          If you're really worried about I/O performance on the disks I'd spend the extra for SAS over SATA drives personally.
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            Re: New Server

            Thanks Cruachan,

            I like your thought, that is actually what we are going to do.

            We are thinking the following:

            2 Mirrored Drives- 146GB 6G SAS 15K (OS Partition)
            4 drives(raid 10) - 900GB 6G 10K (Data)

            Do you think there would be an issue with the different drive speeds?



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              Re: New Server

              no issue with those different drive speeds - the physical interfaces are the same and the RAID controller won't care. in fact - i'd hazard a guess the raid controller doens't even care about the disk speed..

              As long as all disks in a given RAID group are the same speed, it's fine
              Obviously - you'd see slightly lower IOP times on the 15K SAS to the 10K SAS, but I think your choices are fine.
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