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PerfMon Interpretaion for RAID array

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  • PerfMon Interpretaion for RAID array

    We are in the process of virtualizing our Windows servers and have been using PerfMon to obtain current disk I/O stats. The goal is to build the appropriate arrays on the SAN which would best suit the workload.
    Currently, all of the physical servers have a local RAID5 array. The servers also have BBW cache.

    Example Server Stat: (Other servers are higher and when everything added together it approaches the I/O threshold of certain RAID levels)

    (8 hours)
    Average Read/Sec: 12.77
    Average Write/Sec: 4.9
    Avg Write Queue Length: .012
    Avg Read Queue Length: .001

    So, how would we interpret the results of PerfMon running against a current RAID5 set to help us in our planning? Would we need to "uncalculate" the current RAID penalty to get raw potential I/O of the server?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance.