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An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

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  • An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

    Good Day,

    I have a Win 7 PC that has 6/GB SATA III drives only. The machine has all the latest drivers and the drives are the same make and model. Identical, save for the contents. If I copy a file from one to the other I see 77.5 MB/s transfer rates on average. Best I ever saw was 82.5 MB/s.

    The SATA III standard is rated for 600 MB/s. If I were seeing half that rate I would be happy, but at 77.5 MB/s that is only 12.9%. A quick check online shows a ton of posts from Win 7 users complaining of the same thing.

    So an informal survey poll. Please tell me what rate of file transfer you get with your SATA III drives. If you can also post telling your OS, RAM and any other relevant info I would appreciate it.

    Win 7 - 64 Bit. 6 GB RAM.
    1 - 50 MB/s
    51 - 99 MB/s
    100 - 174 MB/s
    175 - 249 MB/s
    250 - 399 MB/s
    400+ MB/s
    I do not have SATA III

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

    From my understanding the 6GB throughput is the max of the standard but the drives are slower and can't max out the bus. I think you'll only get close to maxing out the bus if you have an array...

    But I could be wrong in my understanding since I haven't looked into it that much.

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      Re: An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

      I have two OCZ-Vertex 3 ssd's running in raid 0.
      Mine is fairly quick.

      I should add, its not a good idea to defrag or do multiple bench marks on SSD drives as they don't need to be defragged and benchmarks can reduce the life of ssd's.
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        Re: An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

        Multiple things can affect the transfer rate.

        1. Poor quality SATA cables
        2. SATA III drive on SATA II ports
        3. SATA III drive on Marvell SATA III ports (5 Gb/s max, not 6 Gb/s)
        4. Different benchmarks test drives in different ways (e.g. AS SSD, ATTO, etc).
        5. Not all SATA III drives run at SATA III max speeds
        6. Various types of NAND chips used (asynchronous, synchronous, toggle)
        7. Various SATA controllers used (Indillinx / SandForce / LAMD) and of course ever changing designs
        8. The type of data - Compressible vs incompressible (and if the SATA controller likes one type over another).
        9. The size of the data.
        10. If the drive is aligned properly or not.
        11. There's also SATA overhead to consider, which generally means that the max speed you'll see in an ATTO test maxes out at 555 MB/s, not 750MB/s (6 Gb/s).
        12. OS block size.

        and probably more that I can't recall ATM.

        Oh, and then there's OS overhead of course.

        Sidenote: I'm the admin at Corsair's support forum. They make SSDs amongst other computer parts.
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          Re: An informal HDD survey 6/GB SATA III drives.

          Run IOmeter instead of file copying.
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