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webserver requirements

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  • webserver requirements

    Dear Sirs,

    I want to buy a server wich will run ubuntu or centos as a OS.
    It will be configured as a webserver. (apache/cherokee, PHP, mysql)

    It will run a invoicing webapplication based on drupal.

    The application will be used by 2 users.

    The server will run onsite. So users will go to the app from their laptop or desktop over the LAN (never over wan).

    The server will calculate basic invoicing stuff and stock.

    Import for me is databackup (RAID 1 + mirror to a NAS) and speed.

    I can buy a HP server for lots of money but I'm looking for somthing cheaper. For example a synology NAS can run a website but I'm not shure how fast it will be.

    So would a synology NAS like DS712+ or qnap equivalent be fast enough for this?

    our would be building a small micro server a better option? (But then I have to figure out hardware compatibilty for raid controller with linux, Atom processor or not. AMD vs intel etc...)

    Kind regards

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    Re: webserver requirements

    if you want a server, get a server, not a NAS
    you could probably build a powerful "desktop" for this
    but the question is - how mission critical is this application?

    If you can cope with the server being down for 2 days, then yes, a microserver with some extra RAM would be fine.
    if you can't cope with it being offline, then buy a real server.
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