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Reading single members of a raid array

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  • Reading single members of a raid array

    I have a 3 disk raid array, set to Raid 5 (Adaptec 641 card with 320 Ultra Wide disks).

    Is it possible to read from an individual member of the array, independant of the other 2 and see the disks as 3 individual disks. Can be in Linux or Windows (2003, XP, 7, 8, 2008 )

    I want to try an experiment with data recovery etc.


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    Re: Reading single members of a raid array

    No you can't, because the data is broken up across all members of the array at one time. You have to think of a RAID 5 array as one logical disk, from an operating system / file system point of view. The idea of a RAID 5 is to be able to have a failure of one of the physical disk drives, then replace it, and NOT lose any data. The only way that works is if all the drives are used uniformly for data and/or parity storage. If any 1 physical disk in an array stored only a certain type of data, and that disk failed, you've lost what was stored.

    Backing up or copying files to/from such an array is not targeted at any one disk in the group, it's targeted at the RAID controller which represents the logical volume to the OS. The controller deals with the data allocation and parity across the physical disks.
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