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  • Dust resistant keyboard

    Hi, folks

    Can anyone recommend a dust/grit resistant keyboard, please?

    Two of our staff work with the artefacts that are recovered from archaeological excavations. One of them deals with all the finds, while the other is a pottery specialist. Their work areas are inevitably dusty and very gritty. The problem is that this grit causes problems with standard keyboards - keys become stuck, stop working etc.

    I am looking for a keyboard that is either sealed, so that grit particles are not able to become lodged beneath the keys, or which are designed so that they are easy to clean and which are durable enough that they will not break or their functionality become impaired when grit gets caught inside them.

    I have searched the net and have seen sealed keyboards (Silversurf) but these are designed for medical use - they will not be any good for my purposes.

    Anyone out there supporting staff working in gritty environments who can suggest a recommendation?

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    Re: Dust resistant keyboard

    I used to have a rubber keyboard that could be rolled up which would fit the bill:

    Alternatively, put a normal keyboard in a clear plastic bag and use gaffer tape (duct tape) to seal around the cable. Pop in some silica gel bags to keep it all dry.

    I have read that keyboards can be washed safely -- note I have never attempted to do so:
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      Re: Dust resistant keyboard

      Bit pricey but if you have this you will get all the ladies.
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        Re: Dust resistant keyboard

        yep - I've seen a roll-up silicone one with a usb port
        who it was made by, I've no idea sorry
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          Re: Dust resistant keyboard

          Great suggestions, thanks

          I am wary of the projected keyboard as the keys are not physically defined. I suspect that it takes quite a bit of getting used to. However, the rubber keyboard looks like it may be just the thing.

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            Re: Dust resistant keyboard

            Couldnt you use one of those silicon covers (or there are plastic ones) as per


            I know its ebay but it was the easier place to get an example for you


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              Re: Dust resistant keyboard

              I have looked at those but the problem with those covers is that they are not durable. I'm after a lasting solution.

              Thanks anyway
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