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    I bought a nice little UK Freeview box below for a very old small TV just in case I need them in an emergency if my modern widescreen TV goes wrong. But I did not realize like many such boxes they no longer have a Coax RF Video output socket. They only have a Scart output, yet they all refer to a RF LOOP. So what does RF Loop mean and is RF OUTPUT perhaps available on one of the Scart pins, if so which pin and which pin is common earth please.

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    Re: UK FReeview

    I suspect you will need a SCART to COAX adapter:

    Alternatively, consider getting a small flatscreen TV off FleaBay - with SCART

    AFAIK it is a bit more than just pulling the correct pins off the SCART cable
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      Re: UK FReeview

      RF coax pins are composite modulated signals, video and audio together. SCART cables are individual pins for vid in, vid out, audio L in, audio L out, etc. No RF modulation, simply a different standard to do the same thing that RCA cables do. But not all SCART are bi-directional, either. Some are only for playback, some for playback/record. Depends on how they're wired.

      I think your RF loop is the antenna for the box input. If your TV has RCA jacks for video/audio in, then there are converters for SCART to RCA. but not SCART to RF coax, different things entirely.
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