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Anyone using a Drobo Storage Device?

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  • Anyone using a Drobo Storage Device?

    I was wondering if anyone else was using a Drobo storage device? We currently have two deployed to two different clients.

    We have noticed poor performance (read/write speeds) on both devices. One is currently running dual NIC's connected to two Gigabit switches. The performance of this device is much better of course. The second, we are in the process of switching over to a Gigabit switch with dual NIC setup.

    I was wondering what your experience with these Drobo's are?


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    Re: Anyone using a Drobo Storage Device?

    I've not used them ... been kicking around getting an IoSafe Solo with SSD.


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      Re: Anyone using a Drobo Storage Device?

      Most devices are more intended for SOHO environments.
      Without more details about the users, types of harddisks etc we cannot say a thing about it.

      Although IOSafe looks nice, basically it's just a single disk with a shell against some fire and water.
      This is good for certain situations but I can only imagine a small number of usecases. Not really recommended for day to day use.
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