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Fujitsu TX300 Serview LSI Megaraid Hotspare?

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  • Fujitsu TX300 Serview LSI Megaraid Hotspare?

    Morning all,

    A friend has asked me to have a look at his server, I recomended adding a new SAS drive and setting it as a global hot spare. He bought the drive and inserted it for me but its come up with this blue exclamation mark on the new drive.

    I've had a look through the manual and it suggests that the drive has a foreign configuration. I just want to double check I can clear the foreign configuration without trashing the existing config......??

    Many thanks

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    Re: Fujitsu TX300 Serview LSI Megaraid Hotspare?

    I dug out and fired up an old SBS test box luckily with exactly the same RAID hardware. Installed the Serverview software and replicated the senario. Your quite safe to click 'clear' it will only clear the foreign configuration, the existing functioning logical drives will be untouched. Solved, server now has a global hot spare set up!!