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HP Freezes at BIOS

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  • HP Freezes at BIOS

    I've been fighting with this computer for a few weeks now and the computer is winning! Out of nowhere it freezes up at the bios where it is detecting storage devices, won't even let me enter setup. I unhook both HD and dvd drive and I can enter setup no prob. I hook just the DVD drive back up and it freezes i hook just HD up and it freezes. Any idea? could it be the MOBO? I've also tried different sata cables and no luck. Also reset with jumper and bat. I just want to be 100% sure before I go drop the cash in a new MOBO. Thanks.

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    Re: HP Freezes at BIOS

    Looks likely it's a faulty storage controller, which means new mobo. If possible test the drives from this machine in a known good machine, and try the drives from the KG machine in this one to verify though.

    Might also be worth trying a BIOS flash if there is a newer version, just in case it's a firmware issue.
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      Re: HP Freezes at BIOS

      Could you give us a couple of clues which model of HP it is -- could be anything from a laptop to a server!
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        Re: HP Freezes at BIOS

        Did you change the Power Supply on this device (assuming it is a desktop)?
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          Re: HP Freezes at BIOS

          Did you also try plugging the cables into different SATA connectors on the motherboard?
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