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Strange HP PROLIANT DL360 paste

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  • Strange HP PROLIANT DL360 paste

    After doing some memory upgrades on one of our servers, I see this.
    Should I worry?
    Best regards

    Pic 1 is a general shot, the strange paste is inside the red circle.

    Pic 2 is a close up of the strange paste.

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    Re: Strange HP PROLIANT DL360 paste

    Looks like it might be a spill of CPU paste or something similar from a previous maintenance/build scenario. If you have any similar servers, do they have anything resembling it? Some manufacturing processes use some sort of 'gloop' to hold some components in place during the build, this may be some of that, just a bit excessive.

    I doubt it's anything to worry about, like blown capacitors, etc. If the server isn't exhibiting any weird behavior/faults, chances are it's harmless. If you're really concerned, take the time to clean it all out carefully with an alcohol-based solution, and have a good close exam of the mobo and components in the immediate area. If you see any distortions/cracks/discolorations, or anything not pristine, it may be a ticking clock failure, going off who knows when?
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      Re: Strange HP PROLIANT DL360 paste

      Yeah, it's insulating goo. Nothing blew up and did that. I wouldn't touch it or worry about it.
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        Re: Strange HP PROLIANT DL360 paste

        Thank you for the replies. I was thinking it was a leaking capacitor.
        I have another DL360 and a 320. Neither have such goo.
        The server has been running for a couple of years with no problems.