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PC not displaying POST

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  • PC not displaying POST


    My home PC has an ASUS® P5K Pro Mainboard, a Intel® Core 2 Quad Q9450 (4x 2.67GHz - 2x 6MB Cache) 1333MHz FSB CPU, 4GB OCZ “Reaper” DDR-2 1066MHz (PC8500) (2x 2GB) RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB graphics card and an OCZ 600W PSU. There are 4 HDD's, and a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card.

    What happens is that recently, when I power the machine on nothing is displayed on the monitor at all. The monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, cannot detect a signal. When this happens no lights are displayed on the front panel of the case. However, the case and CPU fans are running.

    I discovered that I can get the machine to power up by turning the PC off, switch off the PSU, remove the power lead and drain the flea-power by holding the front power on-off switch for 10 - 15 seconds, reconnect the power lead, switch the PSU back on and then start the PC by pressing the on-off switch.

    Sometimes this works first time, sometimes I have to do it several times. I know when the procedure will work because the lights on the case will turn on when the on-off switch is pressed

    The case is manufactured by Antec -

    The (blue) front panel light is shown in this image (just trying to cover all bases here...):

    I had a Dell hardware man in to look at my laptop and asked him about this issue. He said that he had seen the same thing and that it had been caused by too much static. He said that draining the flea-power was the best thing to do as an interim measure.

    He recommended that I replace the CMOS battery as the PC is nearly four years old and that when I do that I should leave computer completely disconnected from the power supply and peripheral devices and then remove the old battery and allow the charge to completely drain from the computer before inserting the new CMOS battery.

    I will certainly do this.

    The PC is kept in good condition. I use compressed air to clean dust out of the case/components and keep an eye on the hardware via Device Manager and CPUID Hardware Monitor.

    I was wondering if anyone else had seen the same thing - power on the PC and no POST screen - nothing, even though the fans are working. How did you remedy this?

    If anyone has any experience of this please post. If anyone has any thoughts about how I can prevent this from happening again I would be grateful if you would share them.

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    Re: PC not displaying POST

    Have you recently updated the BIOS?

    I have an ASUS mainboard in my current machine (less than 2 years old, specs omitted for clarity), and I have seen nearly the identical behavior. When I've seen it, there had been a power issue in the house (now have a UPS!!) and if the PC wasn't brought down 'statefully', it wouldn't fire back up. Fans would start but nothing else would, and fans never stop running until power is removed.

    Haven't had to the extremes of taking the CMOS battery out, etc., just killed the mains power switch on the PSU at the case rear, leave it for 5 minutes, then turn the switch back on and boot as normal. If your PC doesn't have a main switch on the back, pull the power cable out for the 5 minute wait. Internal charges will bleed down over time.

    I think it's a glitch in the ASUS BIOS. Newest version for this mainboard is up around 14.x, but I haven't gone up past 8.x because the variable fan speed functionality is broken for every version newer than mine. Update the BIOS, fans run at full speed all the time. Leave BIOS alone, fans work a quiet treat and PC doesn't come anywhere near getting hot.

    I'm not an intense gamer or overclocker so don't push the chips to their fullest, but I'm not just a web 'troll' either. Sorry can't provide a fix-it answer, but I'll never buy an ASUS mobo again.
    MSCA (2003/XP), Security+, CCNA

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      Hi, RicklesP, thanks for replying.

      Yes, the BIOS is up to date - no updates have been released for several years (since Dec 200. I too, wondered if it was something to do with the mobo itself, or perhaps the PSU.

      Nothing is over-clocked etc, everything is set to the default values.

      I can leave the machine unplugged for several hours and still see the same behaviour

      I removed the CMOS battery and left it for 15 mins before inserting a new one. But - the same behaviour occurrs

      I'm not hot on hardware so don't really know what else to try. I'll have to get someone in to have a look at it if nothing else works.

      Thanks again!
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        Re: PC not displaying POST

        I had an identical issue and it ended up being the PSU.

        Buy a good sturdy PSU and see if that helps.


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          Re: PC not displaying POST


          I have ordered a 750W PSU through a local dealer which should arrive next week.

          I will post back with the results.

          In the meantime, in case this does not work, if anyone else has any further suggestions I will be very happy to read them.

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            Re: PC not displaying POST

            Originally posted by wullieb1 View Post
            I had an identical issue and it ended up being the PSU.

            Buy a good sturdy PSU and see if that helps.
            Thank you! The new PSU was installed this morning and the machine booted up first time. That is such a relief.

            In the meantime, I discovered the sequence that got it working so if anyone has a similar issue this is what worked for me:

            Switch the PSU off and remove the power lead.
            Drain the flea power for c. 25 secs
            Reconnect the power lead and switch on the PSU and wait for about 30 secs
            Switch on the PC

            If that did not work then switching off off the PC, waiting 10-20secs and switching it back on usually did.
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              Re: PC not displaying POST

              Excellent news.

              Thanks for posting back. Much appreciated.