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HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

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  • HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

    Hey guys,

    My old trusty HP Laserjet 4000 developed a bit of a strange fault the other day. It just keeps picking up paper from the main tray, works perfectly from the manual tray!!

    Hope this is gonna make sense... If I print a 2 page document (ie menu map), it will print the 2 pages perfectly and then stop as per normal. If you then remove the main tray and toner cartridge there will be 2 more blank pages at various positions in the feed system. Obviously if they are left there the next time I try and print it immediatly says paper jam. Remove the 2 black pages it will print fine, but when it finishes printing, again there will be 2 blank pages at various positions in the feed system.

    Its almost like the tray pick-up doesn't know how many pages to print so it just keeps picking up paper. I figured it was faulty feed rollers so I swapped them for new ones but its still the same. Any idea what I can look at next?

    Many thanks


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    Re: HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

    Is the paper damp?
    Do you "fan" the pages before you put them in the printer?
    Have you recently changed your paper supplier or the paper brand?
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      Re: HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

      Thanks for your reply,

      Three valid and perfectly reasonable reasons/questions but unfortunatly no. Its actually picking up the paper fine, cleanly & one sheet at a time. It just won't stop picking paper up. I have a sneaky suspicion its a mechanical issue, a sticky clutch or something. In the middle of stripping the printer ATM.....

      Many thanks



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        Re: HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

        Solved it! The paper tray solenoid was stuck in the closed position which caused the pick up mechanism to be active all the time the printer was functioning. Once I found what was wrong I googled it and found a write up on how to fix it I'll paste in a copy of it big thanks to 'Drankinatty' for his write up:-


        I can confirm this repair and I thank all for the solution. I had a 4100n that was exhibiting the classic behavior. Printing multi-page documents from tray 2 would always cause an extra page to be printed which would jam (Error 13.6 mostly for me). Printing a single page from Tray 2 worked fine. Printing multi-page documents from Tray 1 worked fine. It was only printing multi-page documents from Tray 2 that would cause an extra sheet to be fed and jam.

        The repair took about 40 minutes. I had never split a laserjet printer before, so I was going slowly and going back and forth to the service manual:

        As mentioned, the repair is simple, but does take some time to figure out what you are looking for. Hopefully this little synopsis will help.

        First - for an overview, you are trying to open the printer to get to the "Tray 2 Pickup Solenoid" (labeled: SL101 on page 266 of the service manual)

        To get to the solenoid you will need to do the following (shown with page number reference in the service manual):

        Page | Action

        138 | Remove right side cover
        139 | Remove control panel overlay/control panel board
        141 | Remove top cover
        143 | Remove left side cover
        144 | Remove right front side cover

        these next steps can probably be skipped, but I went ahead and removed the

        145 | Remove rear cover/output bin
        146 | Remove Tray 1
        149 | Remove Fuser

        all remaining steps are definitely required:

        151 | Remove formatter assembly
        171 | Separating the engine module from the paper feed module

        at this point you can separate the printer. Just set the top part (engine module) to the side in a safe place. You don't need to mess with it any more. You are now looking at the feed paper module. Here you just need to remove the 4 screws that hold the tray 2 paper-feed plate. See:

        179 | Removing the tray 2 paper-feed plate

        After removing the 4 screws, you can lift the plate from the plastic part of the printer tray. Just follow the wires that run into the square box with gears on the right side of the plate. The solenoid is attached to the end of the wires. It is held in place by 1 screw. Remove it.

        After you remove the solenoid, you can probably already see where the foam was and where the adhesive is left on the solenoid strike plate and on the L-arm itself. There is a small spring that holds the L-arm to the solenoid. Just take the spring off and the L-arm will come off the solenoid. Now simply scrape the adhesive away and use a bit of adhesive remover to remove any residue and make sure the strike-plate and L-arm are clean.

        Good quality eletrical tape will make a fine replacement for the foam that has disentigrated. Just use scissors and cut a 1/8"-3/16" strip of tape and place it over the solenoid strike plate where the foam was and put the L-arm and spring back in place. That's it -- repair complete!

        Just work the disassembly steps in reverse order to complete re-assembly and your done.

        Send a multi-page job to Tray 2 and your Laserjet 4100 will work like a new printer again. No jams no problems.


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          Re: HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

          Mechanical was my next step but you beat me to it. Well done on finding the problem and getting it fixed.

          A BIG Thank You for posting back and sharing your solution with the rest of the Community. Much appreciated.
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            Re: HP Laserjet 4000 Keeps picking up paper.

            Thank you for the solution to my HP 4000n paper feed problem.
            The link and page numbers in the above description are for a 4100 series manual. I easily found a free copy of the 4000 series service manual online and it was very useful. The pictorial details in the manual made the fix easy to do.
            I found that accessing the solenoid is much less complicated than described above.
            1- You only need to remove the rear right side cover. Just slide it to the rear.
            2- Remove the formatter assembly, the formatter pan and unplug the large cable that is behind the pan and remove the cable wire bundle from its retainer.
            3- Open Tray 1 on the front and unscrew 2 long screws that attach the printer to the Tray 2 assembly; they are located on each side of the Tray 1 pickup assembly. (They are 4 1/2 inches long and oriented in an upright position) They are not easy to see on first inspection. The left one is recessed in a hole on the left side. The right one is behind a cover which you can flip open on the right side. The left screw can be left in place once it is unscrewed.
            4- Remove the screw that is on the left side of the printer just below the cooling fan. There is a hole in the left cover specifically for this purpose.
            5- Lift the printer straight up off of the Tray 2 assembly. This is about 2/3 of the total unit and will lift off easily.
            6- Remove the cover plate on the Tray 2 assembly.
            7- Loosen the Tray 2 gear train assembly from the Tray 2 housing. There is just one screw holding it in place and this screw is recessed in the inner right side. Make sure to first remove the solenoid wires (2 wires) from their routing channel before removing the assembly. I would NOT recommend unplugging these wires from the controller as they are small and seem fragile.
            8- Lift out the gear assembly. The solenoid is now available to remove and service. Make sure to remove all of the glue residue. I found the glue to be quite tenacious and required extra care to remove it all.
            Just 2 notes on reassembly:
            1- Take care to be sure that the solenoid is well seated in its proper position when screwing it back on.
            2- When placing the printer back on the Tray 2 assembly, check that the large cable is out of the way.