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Server spec - what are your thoughts?

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  • Server spec - what are your thoughts?

    Hi guys,

    Looking to test a DR scenario based on our ML330 G6 which currently has...

    SBS 2008 standard, 18GB RAM, 2GHz quad core Processor, SATA 7200 drives raid 10

    What I want to then do is potentially use the DR recovered server in the production environment (depending on how it went) taking the old server out and use the ML330 as a domain member file server.

    Firstly how does this sound? And secondly Im trying to spec a good replacement server based on this:

    DL360, quad core 2.13GHz, 24GB Ram, SATA 7.2K SFF drives with the same config as the recouped state.

    Any ideas suggestions etc would be appreciated - thanks.

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    Re: Server spec - what are your thoughts?

    make sure both systems have similar/same RAID cards as far as possible.. or at least that you have the drivers on hand
    apart from that, I think you should be fairly ok.
    Oh - and maybe same network cards as well
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