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Display Problem with SyncMaster 943

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  • Display Problem with SyncMaster 943

    This is a unique problem so hopfully someone out there has seen it before.

    Equipment list:
    HP EliteBook 8460p/XP Professional SP3/Paired with an HP Docking Station Product No: VB041AA#ABA

    Dual Monitor set up: Two Samsung SyncMaster 943
    The laptop video supports dual monitor config via the Docking Station.
    One VGA and One DVI. The Dock also has a display port that allows you to plug in an adapter if you would want Two DVI connections.
    The problem I am having is when I hook up one VGA and ond DVI, the DVI will not fill the entire monitor screen. No matter what resolution I try, the screen displays a black border approx 1" wide. When you set up the display to extend to 2nd monitor, the second desktop is only as big as what the background displays. I have tried every possible combination of res and refresh rate and tried diff cables. Some of my clients use a 17"HP L1750 along as the second screen with DVI hook up with no issues. It seems that the only way this Samsung is happy is on VGA. If anyone has seen this condition and has a fix, please share. The only thing I have not tried is a diff brand 19" monitor as I do not have one to test. That is my next thing.
    I just wanted to throw this out there to the group and see if thre is anyone who had a simiar issue.
    There was one work around however.

    oRight-Click on the desktop;
    oChoose Graphics Options;
    oChoose Panel Fit;
    oChoose Digital Display;
    oThen select “Maintain Display Scaling.”
    It fixes the problem for that time. As soon as you shutdown or undock the laptop, it reverts back the same issue.

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    Re: Display Problem with SyncMaster 943

    What happens with the DVI monitor only?
    (Thinking laptop GPU does not have the "oomph" to drive two monitors properly)
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      Re: Display Problem with SyncMaster 943

      Thanks for the reply
      Alas; the same condition exists with a single monitor as well. If you apply the work around I outlined, it only fixes it for that time and will revert back when you restart.

      I think it is just some bizarre compatibility issue with this model monitor and unfortunately, where I work, I don’t see any fix in the near future