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Diferrence between HP drives

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  • Diferrence between HP drives

    Hi everyone!

    Could anyone explain me what's the difference between a "Dual port 10k" drive and a "6G DP 15k" ?

    I'd really appreciate the help!


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    Re: Diferrence between HP drives

    Well, the 10K and 15K refers to the spin speed (therefore the access time) -- faster is beter.
    No idea about the "Dual Port" (which I presume is the same as DP)
    6G is 6GB/sec transfer speed
    More details here:
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      Re: Diferrence between HP drives

      Thank you.

      Well just explain my situation:
      I have 3 drives (dual port 10k SAS MDL) at a HP server where the server only recognizes one. Changing it to 3 x 6G DP 15k drives, it recognizes the 3 of them.

      Any idea why?


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        Re: Diferrence between HP drives

        maybe 2 o f the drives are faulty?
        have you tried them in another device ?
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          Re: Diferrence between HP drives

          If you plug all 3 drives in, only one works.... what happens if you only plug one hard drive in? What happens with the other 2 hard drives if you put them in one at a time?

          Also, I am assuming that there is no RAID setup.

          Other then that, for this type of hardware you should have full HP tech support, give them a call and get them to talk you though it, and failing that they will send a tech onsite for free.

          Other then that, would be testing the drives one at a time, and then I would be plugging them into an OS with Disk recovery tools, and see if they can see the other 2 disks.

          But really, call HP, you should have a full warrenty.

          Garth Leahy
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            Re: Diferrence between HP drives

            Forgive my ignorance, but seeing they are selling both 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives on eBay are the 3.5 inch drives the ones normally installed in a desktop.

            My PC has a Maxtor STM 160 gig drive can I use any other drive ?