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Computr is running slow.

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  • Computr is running slow.

    Thanks. I tried putting my cooling fan under my laptop and it seems to be working a little better. It's still kind of slow though. I'm wondering if it's lack of speed is related to something else entirely. A few months ago my computer was running slowly and I added some RAM and it sped up quite a bit.

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    Re: Computr is running slow.

    Got any specs/make & model of the machine?
    What software is running on it?
    Has it been scanned for spyware, malware, rootkits and virii?
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      Re: Computr is running slow.

      most likely scenario is spyware, malware or a virus.

      and you can come back and tell me you have antivirus all you want. Clients have told me this over and over again. It's still always the first thing I do.
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