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On Demand PC?

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  • On Demand PC?


    I guess this is a hardware issue since the OS is just what's on the machine when it powers up.

    Question: Is it possible to create a system (a home system) that will power up in response to something from outside the network and if so, what kind of setup/hardware would I need to achieve that?

    The idea is that I could wake the PC then, when it is awake, RDP to it or some such.

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    Re: On Demand PC?

    You can use Wake On Lan, however this normally won't work over the internet.
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      Re: On Demand PC?

      Someone wrote an app that would work on SBS when using RWW. Is not a free app though.
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        Re: On Demand PC?

        WoL a machine and use something like LogMeIn, Teamviewer, or some other Remote control application.
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          Re: On Demand PC?

          I have a mobile I can call that will power my PC on.

          All I did was find a old mobile number with a light that turns on, then splice that into my power switch.

          I have it plugged into a internal USB point, so that it charges the phone (as my comptuer is on 24/7, and this is only to repower it after a 1 hour + power outage (life of my UPS)).

          Other then that, the Best option you can get is a remote RCD (I am sure thats the abv. for it, but I can not find any examples to give you).
          You can get them in a number of models, some having a Mobile number you call, most are now being connected via 3g to power the system on over the internet.

          Now, if you just want to wake the computer up (I have been cutting the power to the computer), you can just use Team Viewer.

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            Re: On Demand PC?

            I've had it working in the past over the internet using

            It was a while ago so I can't remember all of the config steps, but it definitely worked.
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