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Server Crashes, leaves No logs

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  • Server Crashes, leaves No logs

    Re-occuring crashes, every 8-12 days, the server completly switches itself off and green led flashes. its a ibm x3400

    on reboot displays raid bios

    Booting the controller kernal......... Controller started

    controller#00:IBM ServerRAID 8k at PCI SLOT :00,
    then the usual message that follows

    then it will display

    Configuration utilty
    (Ctrl-H) to pause Configuration messages
    (Defult is to cancel all imports if no valid key pressed in 30 seconds)

    I then need to press ENTER twice to get pass this screen before it boots into windows.

    when the server gets into windows there is not 1 single error message on any log in the machine, and the DSA comes up with nothing, I have had IBM techs request numerous DSA logs and they come up with nothing.

    this problem has been going on for sometime, around 5 months. I have had IBM replace the motherboard and install New Ram. i replaced the raid battery as i read in a forum that replacing the raid battery resolves the issue, well it doesent.

    The server is completely up to date with drivers etc

    the funny thing is IBM techs are baffled aswell, cannot find a fault due to know trace in any logs.

    surely someone here has seen this problem before and can help

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    Re: Server Crashes, leaves No logs, Help Help

    I'm moving this to hardware for the moment as probably the best place for it

    If IBM are baffled, a new server seems a good thing to ask for!
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      Re: Server Crashes, leaves No logs, Help Help

      If the motherboard and memory (but not the CPU?) have been changed, next thing to try swapping would be the power supplies followed by the RAID card (IIRC there's a way to export your RAID config to import it to a new controller, but don't quote me on that). A RAID controller crash would kill Windows and render it unable to write any logs to disk.

      However as Ossian suggested, if IBM can't figure it out, then have them replace the entire server. Preferably disks too and restore from backup to the new one.
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        Re: Server Crashes, leaves No logs, Help Help

        is your server on a ups ?
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          Re: Server Crashes, leaves No logs, Help Help

          Had a similar issue with an Acer Server and it turned out it was caused by the RAID monitoring software installed incorrectly.
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