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  • CD Burners

    I recently had to replace the CD / DVD Reader only drive. But though I only asked for a reader, the shop who sold me a new drive did not make it clear the new one was also a Burner as shown now by My Computer using Windows XP. Perhaps they no longer sell reader only drives.

    I already have a burner drive as well in this PC, but when I attempt to use File / Send to only the first Burner drive shows. Is it possible to persuade the new Burner drive to announce itself as also ready for burning under Windows. I do have Nero installed, but only licensed to recognize the first original burner drive.

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    Re: CD Burners

    If you want to, install CDRTools (choose the second link). You can choose whichever drive you like. And it's free.

    Alternatively, select the desired drive in My Computer, right-click, choose Properties and hit the recording tab. You can set it there.
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      Re: CD Burners

      Thanks I will try those