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  • Building a server

    Hi All! I'm looking at building a server due to budgetary constraints. It's for a small office with 5 users. It will run SBS 2008 64-bit and serve as domain controller, file and terminal server. Here are the specs so far that keep the budget below $1400. What are your thoughts? I appreciate any feedback.
    Thank you.

    Motherboard: MSI MB 880GM-E41 Socket AM3 AMD 880G DDR3 SATA PCIE2 Micro ATX USB
    CPU: AMD CPU ADX640WFGMBOX Athlon II X4 640 AM3 2MB 3GHz 95W
    Case: CHENBRO SV Mid Range Pedestal SR105 3/0/(4) bays Case Only Black w/ 400W power supply
    RAM: 4GB Hynix Memory 2G DDR3 1333 HMT125U6BFR8C-H9 x 2= 4G
    Kingston 1G DDR3 1333Mhz CL9 KVR1333D3N9/1G x 2=2G
    Hard drives: Seagate 500 Gigabyte SATA 3Gb/s Desktop Storage 7200 rpm 16MB Cache Bare x 2 w/ RAID 1
    OS: Microsoft Server Standard 2008 w/SP2 32Bit/x64 English 1pk DSP DVD 1-4CPU 5Clt
    Optical: Samsung DVDRW SH-S223C/BEBE 22X SATA OEM Black Bare
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    Re: Building a server

    Stay away from white box servers, spend a bit extra and get a real one. Also, 4GB is NOT enough RAM for SBS2008. Consider also that SBS2008 is approaching 3 years old and get SBS2011 instead.

    If you want to skimp on the price a bit, purchase the Server (a real one) with an OEM version od SBS already installed. Also, your HDDs are a bit small.
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      Re: Building a server

      Looks OK - I have put similar into small businesses and have had no problems

      RAM should be 8Gb + and (as suggested) look at the brand new SBS 2011. Given Tb drives are cheap, look at more storage, and also look at a beefier PSU -- 400W is not a lot. Don't splash out on the case!

      I have had no problem with "beige box" servers and, since they have no proprietory parts, find they are cheaper to support, but I would offer the client the choice of branded server or own build.
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        Re: Building a server

        Thanks to both of you for your replies. Going back to the drawing board. Will try to spec out something with 8GB RAM, better processor/power supply etc and SBS 2011 but it might be hard considering the budget.
        Thanks again!


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          Re: Building a server

          Also, don't forget to get a UPS!! I set mine to run for 5 minutes and then shutdown. I figure if the power is not back up in 5 minutes then it ain't going to be back for a while. Make sure the UPS will support the shutdown time of the Server. SBS, with Exchange running, can take several minutes.

          I use brand name servers and get 3 year 4 hour or next day response warranties. It can save you a lot of grief when something breaks.

          Hot swap cradles for the HDDs are also a good idea so you don't have downtime if a HDD dies. Hot swap spare is even better. All this really depends on how critical the Server is to the business and how it is used.
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            Re: Building a server

            I would tend to buy a low-end Dell/HP etc server for the warranty, but it depends on your budget and needs. If downtime is acceptable then it is one place you can trim costs. A UPS is essential though.

            SBS 2011 has much higher requirements than SBS 2008, it's 8gb min and 10gb recommended on RAM due to the addition of Exchange 2010. A Quad-core CPU is also recommended.
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