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Mac address changes automatically

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  • Mac address changes automatically

    We have toshiba laptop with a MArvell Yukon network adapter and found that its mac address changes automatically i.e the last bit gets changed for eg instead of B3 it gets changed to B9. What could be the solution for this problem. Operating SYstem is Windows XP SP2

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    Re: Mac address changes automatically

    MAC address are hard coded and should not change unless you are using some spoofing software. Are you sure you are looking at the same adapter each time?

    My laptop has 3 different MACs or 2 if i turn off Bluetooth. My piece of crap iPhone has at least 3 (I think) with 2 of the adaptes have sequencial MAC numbers.

    Also, upgrade to SP3 unless you have a real good reason not to.
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      Re: Mac address changes automatically

      Yes the MAC address is burned onto the NIC with the first 1/2 being the manufacturers ID. It can't change unless some software is changing (spoofing) it. Like biggles77 said, make sure you're looking at the same NIC.