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    Hi guys,

    My question is, has anybody used the Power Manager Software by HP before and if so, does this software support auto-shutdown of the server?

    Also does the software run in the background and pre-login?

    I've dealt with UPS systems that will only run the software after the server has been logged into. If anybody has ever used a UPS and UPS software combination from any manufacturer, feel free to recommend some!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: UPS HP Software

    APC, Upsonic, Sola and another I can't remember right now (used it on NT4.0 Server) ALL ran as a Service and did a graceful shutdown when the UPS reached the trigger point. Just looked and it was a NetUPS that is now 11 years old and still running after a battery change.
    Software has been PowerChute, Failsafe III, Commander Pro and the APC supplied software. I am sure there have been others but these are the ones I can remember. After all, you really only install the software once.

    Also us OptiUPS toys on my 5 home workstations (no, I do not own 5 homes) and their supplied software also does a graceful shutdown at the trigger point. These are an excellent home user UPS with easy to install and use software. Some of their models even have a hot swap battery option. Not bad for a sub $100 unit!!
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