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Toshiba External 2TB Drive Issue

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  • Toshiba External 2TB Drive Issue

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if you guys have ever seen this issue before. Toshiba 2TB HDD stopped working. I have attached all the error images so it makes it easier to understand....

    Things I have tried;

    1- Check Disk (Failed)

    2- Connected to 3 different machines, none of them will open the disk

    3- Found this tool online Minitool Partition Wizard, and from there I can browse all of my content (Thanks God) but do not know exactly how to use it. Didnt do much with it at this point.

    Some images attached, I would appreciate knowledge sharing.


    Attached Files

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    How old is the drive? I have gone through several external drives over the years because after about three years they stop working - not accessible, just as shown in your images. I don't use them any more, instead I invest in high capacity internal drives (3TB), and rely on online backup in case they go south, which so far they have not.
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      Yes, this is a 3 to 4 year old drive. I`m trying to recover the data using testdisk 7.1. If there was nothing in it, I would be ok, but there are tons of important data in it.


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        Surely you have backups?
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          Originally posted by Ossian View Post
          Surely you have backups?
          Dont. If I had backups I would care at all.


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            A friend tried Testdisk and found it wanting. They used to get their data back. I have since recommended it to another friend who experienced the same problem and it got back nearly the entirety of their data.
            A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy