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Any method to recover RAID 0 Data?

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  • Any method to recover RAID 0 Data?

    I have Dell T610 Server and configured RAID 0 on two disks. Unfortunately my one drive got dead I mean fully dead! I need to recover data from other disk, Is there any way to recover data from other disk? Please it's important!

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    The data is split across both drives. Unlike some other forms of RAID there is no parity information stored on the disks in a RAID 0 array so recovering data when one disk fails is not possible. Do you have backups?
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      If you didn't back it up, it's gone. RAID 0 might be fast, but it has no fault tolerance. Where a server has 2 discs, run them in a RAID 1 config (mirror), so that both discs are identical. If one fails, the other carries on while you get a replacement for the first.
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