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SATA to USB Reading as Removable Media

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  • SATA to USB Reading as Removable Media


    I have an issue with a SATA to USB cable connected to a brand new Seagate HDD being read as a removable media drive instead of a hard drive, meaning I can't format it or allocate it in any way. I have tried it on multiple computers and with multiple drives, and the issue occurs no matter which drive is connected. I do not know the make/brand of the cable, unfortunately, but under device manager it is recognized as "ASMT 2105 USB Device." I have tried uninstalling it from device manager, having device manager search for new hardware, and rebooting my computer. None of these has worked to get it recognized as a hard disk drive.

    I appreciate any help with this issue. Thanks.

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    The computer is reading it correctly as it will be the controller on the converter that will be telling Windows that it is a removable device.

    Are you able to install the disk in the computer rather than using a converter?


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      Control Panel
      Administrative Tools
      Computer Management
      Disk Management
      Right click the drive and Initiate it.

      If that doesn't work, post a screen shot of the Disk Management so responders can see what is happening there.
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        Here is a screenshot of the disk management screen. I have also confirmed that it is not an issue with my adapter or cable, as I was able to test them on an additional drive when I got to the office this morning, and it worked with that drive.


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          Update. I plugged the drive directly into the SATA cables on another machine. I was able to initialize and format the drive, but I still have no luck when I connect it to the SATA to USB cable. When I get access to the computer I'm working on, I will try connecting it to the drive cables for the optical drive and see if I can do the clone that way, bypassing the need for this SATA to USB adapter. It's still driving me crazy that the cable won't work, though.


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            Do you have another SATA to USB adapter you can try - since the drive seems to be OK
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              I do not have another adapter, unfortunately. I have a workaround for getting this drive cloned now, but it will not be using the adapter (which is still going to drive me insane).


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                USB to SATA Adapter . I have used this adapter now for some time without any issues, if that helps.


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                  Using the SATA cable connected to my CD drive worked. I cloned the failing drive, swapped in the new one, and the machine is back in action.


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                    I just had a realization. The USB to SATA cable I was using came with an enclosure for a 2.5" Form Factor HDD, but the drives (except for the one that worked) were all 3.5" Form Factor. Is there a difference between the cables that might have caused this failure?