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Laptop wont boot

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  • Laptop wont boot

    Hi all i have a Dell Latitude that does not boot unless i reset the momory every time, also on the last bootup the screen has millions of white lines even thou i can here the computer posting and the hdd working as if going to the windows log in screen.

    Also this all started when my battery stopped working and now i use the adapter to give power to my laptop, someone help

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    Re: Laptop wont boot

    Try putting a new CMOS battery in as it sounds like it is flat. The battery is only good for about 5 years. It is a coin battery CR2032. If you are not comfortale taking a laptop to pieces then I suggest you take it to a computer shop and let them do it.
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      Re: Laptop wont boot

      Hi there,

      I guess your machine is not in warranty ..... definitely as biggles said CMOS you should look into this .... also try with one memory card if there are two on the machine and check how this works.

      if you have one memory card then try it on both the slots one by one .....

      for the white screen issue -- do you have an external monitor ? try attaching it to the notebook and then check how the display is on the monitor !! if you dont have monitor then check if the white lines are seen in BIOS too ....

      Dell has few built in self tests --- you can access those by hitting the f12 key on dell logo ... try running those and see if they help ....