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  • Replacement screen no display

    so I have a dell XPS 13 L321X. out of warranty, serial number is DC64FT1

    The Executive dropped it and cracked the screen, still works, boots up can work with it. I order a replacement screen from amazon, making sure I find the correct one that will work with this model. First one I received from one vendor I install it no display, I can hear the dell startup splash sound but no display. Try the power on holding down the D key, no display. Reboot holding down the function key, for testing. I hear it go through the bootup and I hear it test the sound, but no display. I assume it's defective or DOA on delivery and send it back.

    Today I get another one from a different vendor same issue, no display. perform the same steps. so I decide to check the part number on the monitor cable, it has a white quick tag number. the original screen number is CN-0N34H6-70896-26C-4289-A02

    The new screen that arrived today is CN-0N34H6-70896-238-J866-A00

    does anyone know if this will work in my system? Or is their another step I can perform for testing?

    Flipped over the monitor tag and I noticed the old label says d13 VDS acon
    The new cable says d13 lcd foxcon ha
    could this be an issue?

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    Does it work if you put the original screen back in?

    Those CN numbers are just the serial numbers if i remember correctly.


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      Wullieb1, YEs If I hook the old one back up it works. I can't believe a 2nd screen from a different vendor is also DOA, when they said it was testing functional. And of course i cant cal dell for help since its out of warranty.


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        Sounds to me like there is something wrong with the screens that have been purchased. Are there any guarantees from these companies that the screens are in working condition? Are they 100% for that notebook? Did you need to connect anything to the screens to get them working? I.e. were they just plain screens you purchased?

        Have you seen this?

        You can actually call Dell and they will of course help, and supply the correct parts, but you will be required to pay for them from there.