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Wear on HD's

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  • Wear on HD's

    I have a an external HD (SimpleTech SimpleDrive STI-USB235 160 GB). A techy told me that ext HD's are not meant to be ON all the time--just for doing backups (???).....I use mine for all my personal data and many of my programs (I have a small, old system), so I have it on all the time my computer is running (morning to late at night) and work on it a lot. Should I not be doing this?? It has been in steady use like this for four years with no problem that couldn't be fixed with a simple reboot occasionally. Recently I replaced the adaptor cable because the HD was konking out on me, but since I did, it seems to be fine. Am I working it too much? Should it not be in constant use? I have a second HD which is a backup of it.


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    Re: Wear on HD's

    basically - my understanding is, a hard drive in a removable or external caddy is no different to a hard drive IN a computer.

    ultimately, a consumer grade hard drive isn't _intended_ to run 24x7, but probably can.
    a server grade hard drive, you would expect to run 24x7. provided cooling and power draw etc are ok.
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      Re: Wear on HD's

      I've never had a light bulb burn out while its on, its always when I turn the damn thing on! Of coure this same rule applies to hard disks, so I'll bet a HD running 24/7 will outlast one that is turned on and off daily.


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        Re: Wear on HD's

        They were misinformed. External HDDs are the same if not better than internal ones. Example: My external Maxtor 750 GB's case is one big heatsink. I guarantee it's cooler than my internal drives.
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          Re: Wear on HD's

          Every single external HD I have ever owned or used has just been a standard hard drive in an enclosure. Lower end servers that don't have SAS or SCSI drives use the same SATA drives that are in these enclosures and DO run 24/7.
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            Re: Wear on HD's

            Here you can read more about errors/wear on consumer grade HDD's (report dated 2007). The cooling part is very interesting


            I use my internal HDD's not more the 4 years in my desktops I guess. When I had a BBS a very long long long time ago it ran 24/7 for years and I never had a drive failure.

            Are external HDD's so much different then the internal HDD's? I guess not. You can put a "internal" HDD in a external (USB/FireWire/ESATA/etc) casing and voila.
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