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Unplug raid controller from Intel server ?

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  • Unplug raid controller from Intel server ?

    I have an intel server S5000PSL.

    The current setup is as follows:

    Our main drive 250 gb is loaded with Windows 2003 Small Business Server R2, and is pljugged directly into the motherboard (SATA).

    We have other drives which were part of a RAID 5 which is directly plugged into the scsi raid controller, working independently from the 250gb hdd.

    What i want to know is. is it safe to plug out the scsi controller ? and will it leave the server unaffected ?

    Bearing in mind, when we had to resetup the server on October because of a system crash, we had to first install the scsi controller in order to get the windows setup going.

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Unplug raid controller from Intel server ?

    uh. if you remove the RAID5 SCSI adaptor, then your RAID5 volume will no longer work.

    So i guess the answer to your question is, if there is NOTHING you need on the RAID5 volume, then it should be safe to power down the server and remove the SCSI card and associated hard drives.

    just be ultra sure that your system is, in fact, installed on the SATA controller not the SCSI controllor.
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