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Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

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  • Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

    I'm having a HP Proliant ML 350 G5 server with 146*2 hardisks, I planned to make it as a domain controller with Win Server 2003 when I gone to the raid configuration it shows that the possible raid levels are Raid 0 and Raid 1+0, I actually need Raid 1 which is not shown as if one hdd fails also my server should run.All I need to know is "if I configure Raid 1+0 with 2 hdd's whether my server will run if one of the hdd fails"

    Please give your suggestions on how it works and what's best.


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    Re: Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

    Yes but if you lose a drive from the remaining stripe then you lose everything. At least with a RAID 1, if both drives fail you have a good chance of using recovery tools to get some if not all your data back. I don't know of anything that will recover a broken RAID 0 volume. (It doesn't mean there are none around, I just don't know of any)

    Why are you wanting to add a RAID 0 into the setup? What benefit do you hope to gain from this?
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      Re: Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

      I would check HPs documentation VERY carefully
      RAID1+0 normally requires 4 HDDs so with only 2 you may get the striping part rather than the mirroring
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        Re: Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

        Damn, misread another one. I assumed that nrshvn was going to add the 2 additionally required HDDs to bring the total up to 4.

        Having read the post more carefully, the answer is now NO. RAID 0 can be done with 2 HDDs and if one fails you lose everything.

        As Tom states, you require 4 HDDs to impliment a RAID 0+1. This cannot be done with only 2 HDDs.

        Thanks for spotting that Tom. A, DOH! on my part.
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          Re: Raid 1+0 with Two Hdd

          This is how HP displays it. You are safe to proceed.

          When I first noticed this with HP I dug into their documentation and even confirmed it by setting it up, installing the OS then pulling out a disk while everything was running. Nothing crashed, when I put the disk back in the agents reported "rebuilding."

          RAID 1+0 on two disks = RAID 1
          RAID 1+0 on four+ disks = RAID 10
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