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DS3300 iSCSI question

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  • DS3300 iSCSI question


    I have DS3300 iSCSI model with 2 controllers.

    4 vmware ESX4 hosts.

    COntroller A:
    POrt1 -
    Port2 -

    Controller B:
    Port1 -
    Port2 -

    I have added all ip's in each esx's iscsi targets, but i thought that the esx server would only use the first ip, and then use number 2 in case of failure.

    But when i log into DS3300 and click iscsi, i can see that there is 16 connections. 4 from each server - that means each server have logged in to each ip.

    I think this is the wrong way to configure it - ?

    I also think i might be thrashing my san.

    What do you think ?

    Best regards Mikkel

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    Re: DS3300 iSCSI question

    if you see that all hosts are logged into all IPs that means that multipathing is working properly and each port is redundant.

    This should not thrash the SAN, unless there is a serious firmware bug, in fact it should improve performance.
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      Re: DS3300 iSCSI question

      Unlike network cards, that kick in when configured as a team for fail-over, the iSCSI conections should be configured and alive from the very start. Don't forget we are talking disks here, any delay more than 3ms will kill the connection to the disks and generate an error message in the OS. So, there's no time to establish a new path when the original fails...
      Why are you concerned about trashing your SAN? Are there any errors? Is there any unexpected behavior?

      Sorin Solomon

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