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RAID 5 Dropping drive

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  • RAID 5 Dropping drive

    I have an Adaptec 2129C RAID controller with 3 Seagates in a RAID 5 config. This is partitioned into two drives - a C: and a D:

    Just recently drive 2 (in the 3rd position) started getting dropped. Swapping in a fresh drive rebuilds the array, but next morning it is alarming again and the drive 2 is dropped. RAID manager does not show any SMART errors, but I don't know that it would be able to see those in this configuration even if some were present.

    I went back over logs to try and figure out what is going on because I don't think the drive itself is bad. This always seems to happen during backups - The C: drive backup completes, then the D: drive backup starts and about 10 minutes later give or take a minute Adaptec logs show the drive 2 dropping.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?



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    Re: RAID 5 Dropping drive

    OOPS: Adaptec 2120S is the controller.


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      Re: RAID 5 Dropping drive

      At this point I would suspect a RAID controller problem or a backplane problem. Check that the controller card is seated firmly and that any cables are connected securely. Check that the connection from the drive to the backplane is secure.


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        Re: RAID 5 Dropping drive

        What size are the Seagate HDDs? They were having problems with the 500GB, 750GB and 1TB units and have even released some firmware that you can flash the drives with.

        If you do flash them, I suggest you do it on a machine that has a UPS because a faulty flash renders the drive unusable. If you flash the drive and it is still faulty it does NOT affect the drive warranty. If you want to flash the drive (assuming it is of the above sizes) and you have trouble finding the firmware, post back her and we will see if we can help you find it.
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          Re: RAID 5 Dropping drive

          These are 35 Gig 10K drives. Its an older system, and I have two identical servers (different functions). Both have dropped drives from the RAID 5 every now and again, this is the first time it has started doing this so consistently.


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            Re: RAID 5 Dropping drive

            Did anything happen at the same time on both servers? Firmware update, BIOS update, OS update ?

            Also, maybe it's something as stupid as the average temperature of the room going up a lot recently causing problems with the hardware?
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