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SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

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  • SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

    I have two Windows 7 computers; one has an Adaptec 4805SAS, the other has an Adaptec 2045.
    The former adapter has drives attached that are fully accessible on the internal connectors, but only seems to allow one drive on the external fan out cable, an SFF-8470.

    The Adaptec 2045 has an SFF-8088 fan out cable (no internal connections), that also only seems to allow one drive to be attached.

    I have found nothing about this. I think it may be that it is on Windows 7 (both Ultimate, both X64), but I don't know.

    Has anyone ever had a similar problem with fan out cables?

    It may be significant that every cable has internal connectors, for which I obtained gender changers to eSATA so that I could attach external drives in various enclosures.

    Using Adaptec Storage Manager on either machine, I found that if I added another drive it is not recognised. If I remove the first drive, then the added drive becomes active. Therefore, it is not the drives, but something in the Adaptec software, chipset, BIOS or whatever.

    Any clues would be appreciated.

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    Re: SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

    The 2045 does not support fan-out cables. It plugs into either an enclosure or single device.


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      Re: SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

      This is not a correct reply from Garen: here is a quotation from an Adaptec page:

      Supports 4 direct-attached or up to 128 SATA or SAS disk drives using SAS expanders

      The page is here:

      And, there is a similar quotation on the 4805SAS page, viz:

      Where it states: External Connectors : One x4 SAS connector SFF-8470
      Internal Connectors : Two x4 SAS connectors SFF-8484

      Note that with the internal connectors I have been using the appropriate SATA cables and the drives are available. The external should work equally well, the difference being purely the correct fan out cable in the slot. No mention in the documentation that one cannot use separate eSATA drive enclosures with gender changers (which are usable, since one drive on each computer has these fitted, and they work).

      So, what gives? I can find nothing relevant, with much searching.

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        Re: SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

        I have been reading tutorials and found this interesting:

        On page 45/88 in the pdf:

        "Maximum of one fanout expander device in a SAS domain. And, further down, End devices may be attached at any level, etc."

        So, this advises that I should have an ability to add drives, but why won't it? Is it because it's an Adaptec adapter? Probably not, since I have used so many Adaptec products, very few of which have given trouble of any kind. Usually it's the drive or SCSI device that has problems, nothing else.


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          Re: SAS/SATA RAID: drives problem

          Read the datasheet:

          Note the top secret table at the bottom. If you're still not sure look at the cables Adaptec lists as accessories for that model. They don't list a fanout cable for that model.