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XP USB STATA mass storage device

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  • XP USB STATA mass storage device

    Problem: I have two usb stata mass storage drives (laptop drives) in cases. They work connected to some computers and not two specific computers I have. They have my service software on them.
    The XP install is new on teh computers
    The drive shows up in device manager sometimes.
    The drive does NOT show up in drive manager.
    A IDE drive connected to my USB adapter cable works just fine.

    Based on what I know, some USB chips don't really support SATA drives.
    The motherboard doesn't have a sata cable or connector on the mobo. All I can assume is if the computer doesn't have sata support, the computer won't support the SATA drive at all.
    My laptop is all IDE but does work fine with the drive.
    BTY I've tried a powered usb card and a usb power supply. It isn't a power issue.

    Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?

    specific computer e-machine W2646
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    Re: XP USB STATA mass storage device

    Have you checked disk management to see if they are being assigned a drive letter?

    sometimes windows tries and assign drive letters that are mapped to network drives to your USB drives. The network drives will win the battle.

    the only place to see this is in disk management.


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      Re: XP USB STATA mass storage device

      Check the jumpers on the HDDs in the enclosures that they are set to MASTER. Have had this problem before where the USB drive was not properly detected due to the jumper setting not being set to MASTER.
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