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Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?

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  • Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?


    I was offered to buy Supermicro servers.
    Does anyone know this company ?
    Can anyone say if they can be compared to Dell and HP ?

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    Re: Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?

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    The fact that you ask if anyone knows this company is a good clue to the answer -- just about everyone has heard of Dell and HP servers, but your one seems to be an unknown

    Depending on the purpose you want to put them to, they may be a viable alternative, but IMHO stick with a known brand to get the ongoing support you will need in a business environment
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      Re: Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?

      I've heard of SuperMicro servers and have looked into them myself. I don't believe they're some slipshod bargain basement nonesense, but you won't get the same level of hardware support that you would for a Dell or HP. I have no first hand experience with them, but word on the 'net seems to be that they're fine for low-cost needs. Some of their storage server enclosures look awesome.
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        Re: Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?

        SuperMicro are really more involved with the manufacture of server cases and to a lesser extent, motherboards, rather than entire servers. Given the prices I've seen for them I would much rather go to Dell.
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          Re: Supermicro servers - Anyone knows ?

          with SM you have a bit more choice with your hardware, but they are far from being a real brandname server vendor. I refer to their systems as a DIY brand.
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